SML research on Self-Healing Conductive Materials profiled in Nature

See this article in Nature, “Robot, repair thyself: laying the foundations for self-healing machines,” which profiles work from the Soft Machines Lab on self-healing materials. This articles highlights research from the following papers, where you can learn more about our work on soft and self-healing conductive materials:

Y Zhao, Y Ohm, J Liao, Y Luo, HY Cheng, P Won, P Roberts, MR Carneiro, Mohammad F Islam, Jung Hyun Ahn, Lynn M Walker, C Majidi, “A self-healing electrically conductive organogel composite,” Nature Electronics 6 206–215 (2023).[link]

EJ Markvicka, MD Bartlett, X Huang, C Majidi, “An autonomously electrically self-healing liquid metal-elastomer composite for robust soft-matter robotics and electronics,” Nature Materials 17 618–624 (2018). [link][pdf]