Article in Scientific American on Self-Healing Soft Machines

Check out this recent article in Scientific American [link] on self-healing soft machines. In this article, Prof. Majidi explains how soft and stretchable conductive materials can be designed to spontaneously repair themselves when damaged, allow for soft machines and electronics to be self-healing.

To learn more about SML research on self-healing soft materials, take a look at the following papers:

Y Zhao, Y Ohm, J Liao, Y Luo, HY Cheng, P Won, P Roberts, MR Carneiro, Mohammad F Islam, Jung Hyun Ahn, Lynn M Walker, Carmel Majidi, “A self-healing electrically conductive organogel composite,” Nature Electronics in press (2023).[link]

MJ Ford, DK Patel, C Pan, S Bergbreiter, C Majidi, “Controlled Assembly of Liquid Metal Inclusions as a General Approach for Multifunctional Composites,” Advanced Materials 32 2002929 (2020). [link]

SI Rich, V Nambeesan, R Khan, C Majidi, “ Tuning the composition of conductive thermoplastics for stiffness switching and electrically activated healing,” Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures 30 2908-2918 (2019). [link]